Safe Guarding Week

West Yorkshire Police are coming together as part of Safeguarding Week to highlight issues that may be affecting both adults & children. West Yorkshire Police force has a handy page for Safeguarding Week listing important contact numbers and links to relevant sites and events .  Yesterday also marked World Mental Health Day with specific focus on Mental Health in the workplace. This week is therefore a very important week in so far as raising awareness of the importance of psychological wellbeing.

In July 2017, the NHS released an open letter to GPs and healthcare officials, regarding mental health of people who have suffered a traumatic event. Britain has suffered several traumatic events in the past few months including terror attacks and the Grenfell fire. However, the letter is important for another reason as it highlights the importance of mental health to all individuals who have suffered a traumatic event.

The traumatic event may differ considerably from individual to individual and include such things as a road traffic accident, particularly if someone was severely injured physically as well or if the accident involved a fatality. The event may be the result of a crime. For example, the victim of a sexual assault and/or physical assault. Victims of violent crime frequently suffer psychological trauma as well as the physical trauma. Whilst the physical wounds may heal relatively quickly, the psychological ones may linger unless treatment is sought promptly.

A copy of the NHS letter is available here. It confirms the importance of people coming to terms with psychological reactions to trauma being the norm and that talking it though (whether with family and friends and/or a medical professional) is very important. The NHS has also created a leaflet to provide advise to people who have suffered a traumatic event.

If you have suffered psychological trauma, whether from a road traffic accident or criminal injury, you may also be entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. If you have any questions or require any advice please fill out or contact form, give us a call on or visit our Criminal Injury page here, we would be happy to help.

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