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Are you in search of expert legal advice with regards to the negotiating and drafting of a Settlement Agreement to effectively terminate a contract of an employee at your organisation in York without any risk of future repercussions? The highly qualified and experienced legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could work with you and on your behalf to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved from entering into a settlement agreement with an employee to terminate their contract of employment.

An article published on HR Zone in their blog section on 31st of July 2013 by SJ Beale HR consultant discusses the change from ‘compromise’ to ‘settlement’ agreements.

The article says that “On 29 July 2013 settlement agreements came into force and replaced to compromise agreements. To accompany this new document ACAS have produced a code of practice on settlement agreements which will help employers employees and their representatives understand the negotiation settlements before any termination of employment. The code of practice also includes some template letters for employers to use and adapt to their own purposes.”

It further explains “The settlement agreement seeks to settle employment disputes. It is a legally binding written contract that will waive an employee’s right to make a claim covered by the agreement in an employment tribunal or court. The agreement must state that the applicable statutory conditions regulating settlement agreement have been met.”

Are you looking to mutually end a contract of employment with an employee by the use of a settlement agreement at your business in York? The highly skilled legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could work with you to put forward a settlement agreement to an employee to reach an amicable end to their contract of employment without any risk of the negotiations being used against your company in the future.

The above-mentioned article also informs us “The employee will receive a sum of money waving their rights to go to an employment tribunal. The negotiations that take place prior to settlement agreement being signed should be “without prejudice”. That means the discussion surrounding the offer and terms of the agreement cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings. A settlement agreement is voluntary and parties do not have to agree to it. They can be used at any part of the employment relationship.”

The fact that these agreements can be used at any time during an employment relationship means that an employer need not wait for a dispute arise or a grievance to be raised in order to approach the employee with the offer with the view to terminating a contract of employment. However settlement agreements can be used to achieve a swift and cost-effective end to an employment dispute without the worry of litigation becoming an issue.

The employment and commercial law experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors have a comprehensive understanding of the use of settlement agreements and could assist your organisation in the negotiation and drafting of such an agreement with an employee of your company in York to efficiently and a contract of employment without any risk of a claim being brought against the business in an employment tribunal in the future; so call our helpful advisers today for further information on: 0113 200 9720.

We deal with settlement agreements for a number of clients around the UK, if you need one, then please get in touch ASAP.


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