Sheffield MP Wants to Get Rid “Barking Mad” Changes to Dog Control Laws

Sheffield MP Wants to Get Rid"Barking Mad" Changes to Dog Control Laws

The Labour MP Clive Betts thinks that the new proposed ‘public spaces protection orders’ are diluting the rules concerning dangerous dogs.

The ‘public spaces protection orders’ will be covering anti-social behaviour such as littering.
Mr Betts believes that the new proposed legislation will mean that controlling dangerous dogs will be less important to the powers that be. He told Sheffield local newspaper The Star.
“An all-party committee of MPs has criticised the move warning that merging dog control with other anti-social behaviour powers will make the menace of aggressive behaviour by dogs less of a priority for councils and police.
“We need tougher laws to tackle dangerous dogs and the police need powers to deal with aggressive behaviour before it turns into a vicious attack.

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