Short Skirt Means It’s OK To Touch And Stare

Short Skirt Means It’s OK To Touch And Stare

“You can’t wear that and not expect me to stare” – the underhand comment made by a nurse to a student of his who when questioned stated that he said it because she was wearing a short skirt that day but does that really make it ok? Afterwards he reportedly stroked her leg making the student who remains anonymous for legal reasons feel extremely “vulnerable and scared”.

She said that it was the way in which he made the comment and let his hand linger on her body that made her extremely uncomfortable and that in fact she remembers wearing a jumper dress and leggings because she has never worn the outfit since. Mertha Nyamande the nurse in question allegedly also repeatedly asked her out for dinner and on one occasion stroked her hair whilst saying “you’re going to get me into trouble you are.”

The student stated she found his behaviour to turn from banter into something more sinister and that he made her feel frightened. She was completing a work placement at the time in Derby for a dementia service and said she felt she could not refuse to go on a visit with him because she was a first-year nurse.

Nyamande has denied all charges made against him and in response to the dinner invitations said he asked her for food when it was midday and that there was nothing inappropriate about it. The hearing currently continues.

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