Michael Lewin Solicitors secured more than ?4500.00 in compensation for Mr R after he was hit on the shoulder by an excavator; there was no doubt that the accident and resulting injury he sustained at work were not the fault of Mr R so he claimed compensation after taking the advice of Michael Lewin’s legal advisors in Leeds.

It is not unusual to hear a report of someone working in construction being struck by machinery; however the injuries are often extremely serious. We all know that the construction industry is one of the environments considered to be a high risk in terms of work related accidents. Not only is heavy machinery involved but add in hazardous materials and the physical strain often involved and it soon becomes obvious why there are extremely strict health and safety regulations in place for this industry.

Faulty equipment is a major cause of work accidents in the construction industry. Manufacturers have to ensure that all machinery and equipment is in perfect working order before they are used. It is then the responsibility of the employer to ensure that any defects are reported and repaired immediately. If any defective machinery or equipment injures an employee the employer has breached their duty of care and can be found liable for their employee’s injuries.

Anyone who has been hurt at work is advised to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors before they do anything else so they can follow the correct course of action like Mr R did with his shoulder injury claim; personal injury law can be extremely daunting and if you have been hurt at work and are considering compensation Michael Lewin’s legal experts in Leeds are there to take remove the legal stress for you and commit themselves to securing the maximum compensation on your behalf.

Safety regulations are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive. They have to make sure that risks are correctly managed in all working environments and that they reflect the continually changing workplace. Construction sites form a major part of this due to the high risk of very serious injuries.

Compensation for anyone who has been injured can run into thousands of pounds so it is well worth employers taking the time to ensure that their workplace is a safe place to work.

When you consider everything that is taken into account when awarding compensation to an accident victim you can see how some of the huge figures are reached. Damages are awarded for everything associated with an accident not only for physical and emotional pain and suffering but also for loss of enjoyment of life and loss of reputation to mention just a couple.

Your solicitor will go through everything with you to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered a shoulder injury at work or any injury as a result of a slip trip or fall and think you may be entitled to claim compensation in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302.

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