Most slip trip or fall accidents happen because of the neglect of a third party in removing a hazard that is apparent in the premises they are responsible for; if you have been injured through no fault or your own and you think you are entitled to compensation Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds will be happy to act on your behalf.

Mrs E employed the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors after she was injured following an accident in a public place. Mrs E was having a night out with friends and was enjoying herself in a nightclub; that was until she slipped on broken glass and spilled drinks that were all over the dance floor.

Liquid is enough of a hazard in itself and causes many slip injuries in a year; but broken glass is an even more dangerous hazard to have present in a public place.

The majority of nightclubs and bars have now banned customers from taking drinks onto the dance floor. This is in an effort to stop two things: Firstly if there are no drinks on the dance floor then no one can spill any liquid onto the floor that causes a slipping hazard. Secondly if no drinks are on the dance floor then no one can drop a glass causing in to smash and increase the chance of someone falling and cutting themselves. If you have been in a nightclub and you have had a slip trip or fall due to the negligence of the staff you may be entitled to accidents compensation; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds can help you make a claim today.

It is not however currently not a legal requirement for establishments such as music bars and nightclubs to ban clients from taking their drinks on the dance floor. Some establishments enforce this rule entirely for the safety of their customers and their staff. It also means that the owners or managers cannot be held liable if someone does slip on the dance floor; if they have done everything in their power to prevent the accident then they are not negligent.

There are some rules that are enforced by public liability law that nightclubs have to abide by; for example the size of each and every night club is measured and the nightclub is limited to the number of people that they are allowed to let through the door at any one time. This is a health and safety guideline that has to be monitored very closely in order to ensure that the customers are safe in that place.

To make a claim for slip trip and fall accidents compensation speak to one of the professionals here at Michael Lewin in Leeds today on: 0844 499 9302.

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