Mr M was only 15 when he fell through a defective manhole cover; luckily the slip trip and fall compensation claim specialist solicitor at Michael Lewin in Leeds was able to pursue the case on behalf of Mr M.

Mr M was in a public place when he had his accident; therefore he was entitled to make a public liability claim for compensation. Mr M fell through a manhole cover to the depth of 4ft. This is a long way for someone to fall unexpectedly and Mr M sustained some nasty injuries as a result of his fall.

Accidents involving manhole covers are a very common occurrence. If they are old and need replacing or if they have become lose or displaced over the years they pose a terrible hazard to people walking down the street particularly to young children and the elderly. Sometimes workers who have been working down the manhole performing maintenance fail to slot the covers into place correctly leaving a couple of inches protruding from the ground. This is an extremely dangerous trip hazard.

If you have had a slip trip or fall whether it was at work or in a public place you should speak to Michael Lewin’s compensation claim specialist in Leeds who is an expert in the field of slips trips and falls. If you have been injured through no fault of your own we may be able to secure compensation on your behalf.

Accidents occur every day. Some are purely and simply just accidents that could not have been avoided. Some accidents happen because of human error. Accidents sometimes happen because of the neglect of the responsible person in keeping their premises safe. If either of the last two applies to you you may be able to make a claim.

Accidents that happen because of neglect could have been prevented; for example if an employer knows that one of their machines is faulty and they do not stop staff from using it and an accident occurs they are guilty of neglect and are liable for any injuries that are sustained as a result of its use.

Accidents that happen because of human error can also be avoided if the correct training and supervision is provided. For example if an inexperienced person is driving a forklift truck without the appropriate training having been received and they injure a colleague or client then their employer is liable for the accident as they have not provided the appropriate training and supervision.

To make a slip trip or fall compensation today call Michael Lewin’s specialist in Leeds on 0844 499 9302.

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