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ACAS published an article on their website discussing layoffs and short time working and the rights of workers who are in these situations. The article says that "Even in the best run company circumstances can arise which lead to a temporary reduction in work. A layoff is where employees are not provided with work by their employer in the situation is expected to be temporary. Short time working occurs when employees are made for a number of contractual days each week or the number of hours during a working day."

It explains that "Employers can make someone off where there is an express contractual right. Alternatively there may be an agreement covering layoffs between the organisation and the union or a national agreement for the industry which the employee follows. Such an agreement has contractual force if it is in the individual employee’s contract of employment. The right to layoffs may also be applied if it can be shown that he has been established over a long period by customer practice."

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The above-mentioned article goes on to say that "Both employer and employee may agree to alter the terms of the contract so that the layoff is by mutual agreement. However this will not necessarily mean that the employee has agreed to vary the contract of employment to allow future layoffs without pay. Employees can be laid off without pay where there is a specific term in their contract allowing the employer to do so. When an employee is laid off it might be entitled to statutory guarantee payment from the employer limited to a maximum of five days in any period of three months."

It further adds "There is a general right of common law to tell most employees not turn up for work but no general right not to pay them".

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