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The Morning Star Online published an article on Thursday 11 September 2004 reporting that "Manchester Metropolitan University lecturers declared victory yesterday after scuppering bosses’ attempts to impose "zero hours" contract of 640 part-time and hourly paid academic staff".

The article says that "Lecturers’ union NATFHE declared a formal dispute after warning that it causing the new contract would have allowed the university to reduce staff hours even to zero at minimal notice. The union called for the immediate withdrawal of the "burger-bar" contracts embodying the worst kind of employment terms often found in fast food outlets."

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The above-mentioned article goes on to explain that "Only 350 of the 640 potentially affected staff signed a new contract. The rest refused supporting the union’s campaign. Lecturers threatened take industrial action and to ask the Commission for Racial Equality to consider prosecuting the university the breaches of employment legislation."

It is reported that NATFHE national officer Andy Pike said: "We are very pleased that the university has seen sense and agreed to withdraw the zero-hours contract. This demonstrates that when academics and other employees stand fast and refused to accept bad employment practice they can protect their conditions. It is always important that any new contract is established by agreement through the proper negotiating channels."

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