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Training Zone published an article on 31 July 2013 in their blog written by Karen Osborn discussing why change management efforts fail.

The article says "Managing change and transformation successfully within an organisation requires that leaders possess great abilities to understand and communicate with their people. Numerous studies have been conducted in what makes managing people during times of change effective and what hinders the process and therefore negatively affects the outcomes."

The article discusses that often change management efforts failed due to "some common oversights that senior leaders and managers make" due to failures in communicating properly with employees. It also informs us that "One of the biggest mistakes that organisations can make with the process of change is moving too fast" as people often need to take time to adjust things and "get to grips" with changes that have been proposed.

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The above-mentioned article also discusses the transition occurred developed by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as the model for understanding the phases of organisational transformation personal transition.

It tells us that at phase 1 "it is crucial that you communicate well and often". The article goes on to say that at phase 2 "it is really important to ensure that you address any problems early on with clear communication and support".

When addressing phase 3 the article calls this the "turning point when you are implementing successful change programmes". It says that "You have got to be continuing to communicate as well as before and training and developing people with the new and different skills that they need to fully embed the change(s)."

In conclusion the article tells us that phase for is what we have been aiming for. It concludes by saying "You must still communicate the benefits of the change and celebrate success. Many organisations fail at the last hurdle which can result in a change from being fully embedded."

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