If you have suffered an injury in an industrial accident and the damage you sustained was a spinal cord injury you need to seek compensation claims advice as soon as possible about your eligibility to make a successful industrial accident compensation claim against your employer in the UK.

You could be eligible to make an industrial accident claim for the damage that has been caused to your spine if your employer is at fault for the occurrence of the incident that caused your injuries. If you can link your spinal injury directly to your employers lack of action in ensuring the health and safety of their employees in the workplace is protected or their disregard for their duty to ensure that all members of staff are provided with a safe working environment then we could be able to make a no win no fee claim on your behalf. There is only a three year window from the date that your spinal injuries were sustained to start an industrial accident claim so do not hesitate for too long.

There are certain criteria your case for spinal cord injury compensation must meet in order for you to be eligible. You must be able to provide proof of your spinal cord injury in order to be eligible to start a claim. If you cannot prove that you have sustained the injury then it is unlikely your case will go any further. You also have to be able to show that the industrial accident which caused your spinal injury was not your fault; in order to qualify for industrial accident compensation for your spinal cord injury your employer has to have been negligent in their actions towards keeping your workplace safe.

Michael Lewin Solicitors industrial accident team are experts at successfully settling spinal cord injury compensation claims for innocent victims of workplace accidents in the UK.

Michael Lewin’s industrial accident and injury team have successfully settled numerous work related injury claims ranging from accidents in factories to accidents in mines and quarries and we have satisfied and fully compensated clients all over the UK. We pride ourselves on giving the best quality legal representation to every innocent victim that comes to us with an industrial injury claim for compensation. The highly experienced professionals on the industrial injury team are equipped to handle most occupational and industrial accident claims because of the high level of expertise shared in different fields amongst the various divisions we have.

We helped Mrs H make her claim after an industrial accident at the age of 59 left her terribly injured. Mrs H was awarded a total of 315430.00 in compensation for her injuries.

For a free spinal cord injury compensation claims assessment of your eligibility to make a claim in the UK or to start your spinal cord injury claim with the help of a professional legal advisor you need to call the personal injury lawyers from Michael Lewin Solicitors industrial accident team as soon as possible on: 0844 499 9302.

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