Stress in the Workplace: FACTS!



We’ve all been there. Stressed to our eyeballs; hoping our workload somehow miraculously reduces to the point where it’s manageable. There’s nothing worse than going home in the evening and worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Unfortunately, recent survey results from Business in the Community show more and more people are experiencing stress like symptoms at work. A key message from the survey is employers are simply not doing enough to support employees with mental health problems.

Figures from Business in the Community show that 3 quarters of people surveyed have experienced some symptoms of stress. Two thirds of the people surveyed have suffered from stress directly from work. Shockingly, only one quarter are able to talk about it to somebody. There seems to be culture where if you complain about your workload – you feel you will either get ridiculed or worry your boss will lose respect for you. This thought process shouldn’t go through your mind.

When asked, what makes you stressed? Here’s some of the popular answers from the survey:

  • Bad planning
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Poor management
  • Missing targets

Richard Coulthard Director at Michael Lewin Solicitor says. “There’s a massive taboo in society about mental health stresses. Even in this day and age. Monday 10th October marks world mental health day. Let’s take part in this event and raise awareness for Mental Health”.

On Friday 14th October we are launching our #RelaxPack competition. Please make sure you visit our Facebook/Twitter page on the Friday to enter our competition. We are giving one very lucky person the chance to win our fantastic ‘Destress’ Pack.


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