Miss Allinson used Michael Lewin Solicitors expert stress at work advice to make a claim for compensation her claim was settled out of court.

Miss Allinson had worked for a family run garden centre for over three years. The garden centre was only a short bike ride away from her village so the job was ideal for her. She loved horticulture and she worked in the large nursery gardens where they grew all the new plants. Miss Allinson did not work on the retail side of things although she was always happy to answer customers? questions should they have any.

The owners of the nursery announced a staff meeting after work one day they informed all the staff that money had been going missing from the till and that they were investigating into who had done it. All the other members of staff were family members or close friends of the family. Miss Allinson then noticed that she was always being supervised or watched by someone whilst at work. She went to speak to her employers about the situation.

?I felt like I was guilty even though I hadn?t done anything as I seemed to always be being monitored. When I asked them about it they said that no one from the family was going to steal the money but they weren?t pointing the finger at me they were just being cautious. I started to feel like I was some sort of criminal and I couldn?t believe they thought it was me anyway- I never even went near the tills. I went to the doctors who told me I was suffering from stress. I was signed off work which my employers took to be a sign of guilt. It was ridiculous. I sought stress at work advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a claim; they suggested I did pursue a claim as I would be entitled to compensation.?

Miss Allinson was awarded compensation for the stress she had suffered and was also given a full apology from the garden centre that then proceeded to beg her to go back to work there. It was eventually discovered that their son had been helping himself to cash as money had continued to g missing in Miss Allinson’s absence.

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