Mrs Haslock used Michael Lewin’s expert stress at work advice about making a claim for compensation; her claim was quickly settled out of court.

Mrs Haslock had been a network control operator for a private communications company for over 15 years; the private company ran all the network communications for the military in the UK. Mrs Haslock loved her high powered job. She would be sent to military bases all over the UK to sort out any communications problems they were having. The company then took on the contract for doing all the communications for the UK bases in Germany.

Soon Mrs Haslock found herself being sent over to Germany for up to 3 days per week more often than not. This meant having to find childcare for her three children and someone to look after her horses. Going abroad was not part of her contract and she was not getting paid any more for working so many more hours and spending time away from home.

?The stress of finding out the day before that I was off to Germany yet again and having to get my family life organised became too much for me. No one had discussed with me whether it was convenient to take on the international role; it was just presumed I would do it. All for no extra. I got signed off work in the end due to stress. I decided to get stress at work advice about making a claim for compensation; I was amazed how quickly my employers settled the claim.?

Mrs Haslock’s claim was quickly settled out of court and her employers soon realised how they had treated Mrs Haslock and offered a full apology. Mrs Haslock went back to work for the company after the claim was settled and she continues to run the UK networks as they did not want to lose her. Her employers hired an additional person to do the work in Germany.

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