Miss Rollason gets compensation for stress at work after proving a conflict with a colleague threatened her health and the job she loved ?The advice provided by my lawyers at Michael Lewin enabled me to prove I was unable to continue working under such difficult emotional conditions.?

Miss Rollason was a successful outbound sales representative for a leading producer of fashion eyewear. She consistently hit her sales targets and was considered the company’s top sales person. This meant she regularly earned good bonuses on top of her salary.

Prompted by jealousy one of her colleagues began to spread nasty rumours which led to Miss Rollason’s exclusion from the team’s social group. Break times became lonely and she was excluded from office banter.

?I was surprised how quickly the stress at work affected my self esteem? said Miss Rollason ?I am so glad I took advice from my lawyers before I ended up leaving my job.?

Over a period of time they recorded a series of events which enabled Miss Rollason to bring her case to court.

Not only did the emotional stress she experienced at work affect her mental health but it was affecting her performance which was proved in court. Miss Rollason trusted the advice of her lawyers which resulted in a successful compensation settlement.

If you are affected by stress at work and would like advice from employment lawyers call our professional team at Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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