Female barber Miss Fagg was delighted to receive compensation for the stress at work she experienced in London which the advice from her lawyers at Michael Lewin made possible.

Miss Fagg had always dreamed of working in a trendy barbers in the capital and had discovered during her training that she had a natural talent. She quickly built a sizeable client base being young attractive and friendly she was popular with the male clientele.

Many of her clients were well know personalities which meant that in repayment for the generous tips she was expected to be at their beck and call. Her boss did not hesitate to cash in on Miss Fagg’s success and regularly took a large percentage of her tips saying that she was earning way above the average of any of his other staff. He expected her to be available 24/7 to cater for her client’s last minute demands.

?Looking back it amazes me that I lasted as long as I did. My boss allowed me to suffer stress at work so he could cash in on the money I was making him; even when I walked out and told him I would take advice from my lawyers he told me I was lucky to have this job in London.?

Michael Lewin negotiated an out of court settlement for Miss Fagg.

If you are affected by stress at work and would like advice from employment lawyers in the UK call our professional team at Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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