Mr Underdown sought stress at work advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a claim against his London employers.

Mr Underdown had been a day trader for a large company that dealt with trading highly liquid stocks for 6 years. He had qualified in his degree in finance and had been lucky to land a job with one of the biggest trading companies in London; he had worked there ever since. Mr Underdown steadily made profits by taking advantage of the small price movements in the highly liquid stocks he was trading.

At the start of the recession the traders were given new and nearly impossible to achieve targets. The company desperately wanted to take advantage of the recession and use it to their advantage. This meant the day traders working round the clock to boost their profits in order to stay within the targets they had been set. It proved to be a near impossibility. Mr Underdown started to suffer from severe stress so did many of his other colleagues.

?I work in a high pressure job; one mistake could lose millions of pounds. I am used to pressure and the stress of gambling large amounts of money. But the new targets we were given were ridiculous and there was no way that they could be met. Our heads were on the block though if we did not achieve what we were meant to. I was working 20 hour days and this was not enough. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I decided to seek stress at work advice about making a claim against my London based company. I didn?t think I stood much of a chance as they are a multi-billion pound corporation but with the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors I was awarded compensation.?

Mr Underdown was extremely satisfied with the level of compensation offered to him by his employer and was extremely grateful to Michael Lewin for achieving this settlement out of court.

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