Mrs Elland contacted Michael Lewin to make a claim for stress at work; the advice from her solicitors resulted in quick compensation settlement.

Mrs Elland was left in charge of a team of fifteen chefs and kitchen assistants at the large country restaurant where she worked when the head chef decided to quit his job without notice. The company promised her that it would be a short term arrangement until they found a replacement. She had neither the experience nor the training to manage an entire kitchen.

Six months later and Mrs Elland was still struggling to manage. There were regular complaints from diners about the quality of the food and they began to lose regular customers.

?I couldn?t cope with the stress at work as I was receiving constant complaints from the customers and constant warnings from my boss to sort it out? said Mrs Elland I wish I had realised earlier that I could take advice from solicitors?.

Mrs Elland eventually began consulting with Michael Lewin Solicitors. The day after she made her first call she was fired by the restaurant following a show down between her boss and an important customer.

Mrs Elland did not want to return to work at the restaurant but she took the company to court and won a settlement for unfair treatment. If you have experienced stress at work and would like advice from experienced solicitors call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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