?I am so pleased I decided to make a claim for stress at work after advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors? said Mr Weston who received an out of court settlement from his company for unfair treatment.

Mr Weston had worked as a bus driver in his local area for many years and was a well known friendly face. He had got to know many of his passengers and had never experienced any problems until a new family moved to the area with a teenage son who began to make his life hell.

On one particular day he challenged the boy who had deliberately thrown his money all over the floor an argument followed as Mr Weston eventually lost his temper. The boy’s family made an official complaint to the bus company and the driver was suspended pending further investigation into his conduct.

The bus company were afraid to challenge the boy’s family who had quickly become know in the area for causing trouble. ?I had experienced enough stress at work to make me boil over? said Mr Weston who took matters into his own hands and took advice from a solicitors firm Michael Lewin.

Michael Lewin arranged for the suspension to be lifted and negotiated an out of court settlement for Mr Weston for the stress he had suffered. If you have experienced stress at work and would like advice from experienced solicitors call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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