?I suffered anxiety and stress at work for ages and had no idea until a friend told me that advice from solicitors could result in compensation? said Mr Day delighted with his out of court settlement from Michael Lewin.

Mr Day was happy in his job as a road sweeper he would much rather face the elements than sit in an office all day like a lot of his friends. For a long while though there had been rumours and threats of redundancy. When he asked his boss about it he was told that if there were redundancies he would be first to go as he was the oldest even though he had been employed the longest.

Mr Day and his wife had been the main carers for their grandchildren for the last 2 years and would be for the foreseeable future whilst their daughter battled with her violent husband.

?I needed this job it really scared me and caused me to suffer stress at work for the first time in my life? said Mr Day; he decided not to wait around for something to happen but called for employment advice and spoke to Michael Lewin Solicitors to discuss possible compensation.

Michael Lewin was able to obtain written assurance for Mr Day that his job would be secure for the next 12 months. They also got him compensation for the stress he had unnecessarily endured.

If you have experienced stress at work and would like advice from experienced solicitors regarding compensation call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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