Mrs. Briggs is triumphant after her stress at work case is settled with the advice and support of Michael Lewin employment law specialists in the UK.

Our client worked as a short order cook. She enjoyed her job as she thrived on the fast pace of the environment. She had worked with many different chefs over the 4 years she had happily worked there.

A new female chef was appointed and our client was looking forward to working with another female in a predominantly male environment. On the new chefs first day she told our client that she should not expect any favoritism as she was frequently ashamed of being female with the way women acted in the workplace.

The new chef sent food back complained and constantly criticized our client. After just two weeks working with the new chef she resigned with our help.

Through negotiation we secured a favorable settlement for our client. I am the victim of stress at work and I would like some advice about the claims processin the UK.

If like Mrs Browning you have been the victim of stress at work we can help with advice about making a claim; call our professional employment law specialists nowin the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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