Mr Vaun sought stress at work advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors about making a claim for compensation in the UK.

Mr Vaun an accountant desperately needed the help of Michael Lewin Solicitors to deal with his rather complicated case for stress at work compensation. Mr Vaun had been made redundant from his job as an accountant for a large plumbing supplies company the same company his wife also worked for. His wife was made redundant at the same time. They were nearly destitute. Mr Vaun’s brother in law his wife’s brother was also an accountant. He lived a few hundred miles away but told them if they moved he would employ Mr Vaun as he was looking to expand his practise.

Mr Vaun and his wife were unbelievably grateful for his offer so they sold their house and moved closer to his brother in laws business. After 2 years Mr Vaun started being told to fiddle with the customers books. Mr Vaun is a very straight man and did not want to be involved with illegal bookkeeping. His wife was still unemployed and they desperately needed the money from his job. He refused to fiddle with the books and told his brother in law he didn?t want to do it. Mr Vaun got told that if he didn?t he wouldn?t have a job and he would have nothing.

?I started working for the business and after only a couple of weeks I was told that some clients came to us because we were so good at hiding how much they had earned. I was extremely uncomfortable with this as it is not in my nature to even bend any rules. My wife and I were desperate for the money so I put up with it for a short while but the stress got far too much for me. I couldn?t cope. I sought stress at work advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors to see where I stood with making a claim within the UK laws. I had to make a claim for compensation as I could no longer work for a company that was so bent.?

Mr Vaun was well within his rights to make a claim for compensation after suffering from severe stress at work. Mr Vaun’s case was complicated further by the fact it was a member of his family he was working for.

If you need stress at work advice about making a claim or advice about UK employment law call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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