Miss Thompson is compensated after her stress at work claim is upheld. Michael Lewin helped her to get justice.

Miss Thompson worked two days a week as a hairdresser at a local salon; she also attended college one day a week to complete her NVQ. Her manager provided the training in house for the time that she worked in the salon.

Our client told her supervisor and manager that she was pregnant nearly 10 months after starting work at the salon. The following week Miss Thompson noticed the manager was treating her differently she would tell her off and belittle her in front of staff and clients. When Miss Thompson asked for time off to attend an ante-natal check-up her manager stormed off and told other staff members in her hearing that any appointments should be made out of work hours.

When our client went into work after the check-up she was allowed to work that day but she was told that there was no further need for her services. She had been paid up to that day. She was also told that her manager would be unwilling to provide a reference for her.

I am a victim of stress at work; will I need to pay to make a claim?
Michael Lewin work on a no win no fee basis. Our fees are charged to the other side you win 100% of the compensation you are awarded. Miss Thompson has settled her case out of court and she has been astonished that the process has been so speedy and stress free. If you would like to make a stress at work compensation claim call Michael Lewin’s team of experienced solicitors on:0844 499 9302.

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