Stress at workclaim gets Mrs Vickers compensation with the help of employment law specialists Michael Lewin.

Mrs Vickers had worked as a waitress in a large well known national chain of restaurants for nearly 3 years. She had recently noticed that work was not as busy as usual. Normally any customer who was disruptive or very loud was warned by the manager that behaviour of that sort would not be tolerated. Recently more disruptive behaviour was tolerated and this created stress at work as did the cleaning routines that the waitresses had to perform.

Because it was quiet MrsVickers thinks that more and more rude behaviour was accepted. On the evening in question one of the customers was being abusive towards her. She asked if she could swap tables or if the manager would have a word. She was told that it was part of her job role to deal with customers. The customer pinched her bottom and got very rude; she was so startled she turned around and shouted at him. His friends demanded to see the manager.

She was immediately sacked on the spot; even the other lads in the group appeared to sober up at this point and two of them apologised for their disgraceful behaviour and asked for her to be re-instated.

I have been the victim of a stress at workand I would like to make a compensation claim. Our client would not hesitate to recommend us to anyone we do all the paperwork we can on your behalf and you are kept fully updated with progress throughout your case.

If Michael Lewin can help you if you are a victim of astress at work please call us today to start your claim on: 0844 499 9302.

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