Miss Pace received compensation for the stress at work she suffered when her company changed her role bit by bit and her original job was more or less dissolved; she filed a claim with Michael Lewin Solicitors who were happy to take her case.

The job description for a hotel reservationist was varied demanding target driven and exactly what Miss Pace wanted. She was good at her work and had won many new clients for the hotel. The changes to her role occurred slowly over a long period of time until she could hardly remember when it had exactly started. Suddenly she found herself filing and arranging hotel literature for the entire sales team and her clients were being managed by her colleagues.

Miss Pace had been pushed out of her job on purpose so it could be given to someone else. ?The stress at work was caused both by the deceitfulness of what they had done and the fact that I was no longer doing the job I enjoyed? said Miss Pace who made a claim for unfair treatment with Michael Lewin.

If you have experienced stress at work and would like legal advice regarding a claim call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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