Mr Black wins compensation after his stress at work claim is settled in London.

Mr Black had worked as a packer for a confectionery company since leaving school. He left school with no qualifications and was unable to read. He had twice refused promotion as he would need to be able to read to be able to put the sweets into the correct bays for collection.

On his annual assessment he was asked repeatedly why he continually refused the chance of promotion. He felt he had no option other than to tell them about his inability to read so they would not feel he just was not interested.

One of the managers was very supportive but the other two used to ask him to read things to cause our client unnecessary stress. Mr Black was very embarrassed by his inability to read and none of his close friends knew he was unable to read. He found the stress of the bullying at work too difficult to cope with and he reluctantly resigned after several attempts to talk to Management.

I have had a similar case of stress at work; can I make a claimin London?
We were able to get Mr Black compensation although he resigned. MrBlack is amazed that we have been able to complete all this so quickly for him. He was able to concentrate on finding himself a new job. If you feel that have suffered because of stress at work call Michael Lewin to start your claim today in Londonon 0844 499 9302.

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