Mr.Vaan is delighted after he wins his stress at work claim in London. He is glad he chose Michael Lewin as ?they were understanding and very capable when dealing with my case.?

Mr.Vaan had been employed as a truck mechanic for 21 months. He had been out to a job in very bad driving conditions. His work van with all his repair kit had come off the road and he had to be rescued. This seemed to create a bad atmosphere in his work.

The director had said he would take the repair bill out of his wages; from then onwards his life was made very stressful. The garage ran a 24 hour repair service and these out of hours calls were always claimed as overtime. After he crashed the van he was always first on call and then he was asked to take the time off in lieu.

Around 3 months of working like this began to take its toll; Mr. Vaan had to take time off work due to stress. He gave in his notice the following week as the stress was affecting his home life.

I am the victim of stress at work and I would like to make a claimin London. We managed to bring a constructive dismissal claim on his behalf. The matter was eventually resolved by means of a substantial out of court settlement.

Mr. Vaanfeels justice has been done. If like Mr. Vaan you have been the victim of stress at work Michael Lewin can help; call our employment law specialists to make a claim in London now on: 0844 499 9302.

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