Mrs Cheeseman was pleased with the compensation she received after stress at work forced her to leave her job and make a claim regarding unfair working conditions in the UK.

Mrs Cheeseman was delighted to find a job as a dental nurse in the local family run dental practice. She had lived in the area all of her life and knew most of the local people well.

The three dentists Mr Viragh his wife and his brother-in-law had taken over the practice when they moved to the area from Hungary two years ago. Mrs Cheeseman didn?t mind them speaking in Hungarian during their breaks she even learned a few words herself. However they often discussed work issues in Hungarian and got frustrated with her when she had to keep asking them to translate everything into English.

?After a while I stopped asking them every time but then it was impossible for me to follow all of their procedures correctly and I kept getting things wrong? explained Mrs Cheeseman.

The isolation from her employers led to stress at work and Mrs Cheeseman resigned from her job; she decided to seek legal advice and made a claim in the UK with Michael Lewin for unfair treatment at work.

If you have experienced stress at work and would like legal advice regarding a claim in London call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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