Miss Babbingereceives compensation after herstress at work claimsare upheld; Michael Lewin helped her to get employment lawyer advice and compensation.

Miss Babbinge worked as an aquarium keeper for 3 years. She had taken a marine biology degree and loved her job. All her family knew that she would have worked at the aquarium for free!

The fish in her area started to get poorly and the attrition rates were terrible. Our client recommended that her area should be closed until the reason for the continual illness was established.

The site manager was more interested in profits than in the fish; he would not contemplate shutting the area down although this was what the vet had recommended. Every interaction that she had with the manager was unpleasant. She had no ideas for fixing the situation and with a very heavy heart she resigned.

Will I need to pay to file my stress at work claims for compensation?
Miss Babbinge has settled her case out of court and she has been astonished that the process has been so speedy and stress free. She is amazed that she has got another job in a different aquarium.

If you have been subject to stress at work and you would like to use an employment lawyer for advice aboutmaking claims for compensation call:0844 499 9302.

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