Mr Clayton was sacked following a payment dispute ‘stress at work led to arguments with my boss and I was fired? said Mr Clayton who sought help from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Mr Clayton started work as a recruitment consultant in a large city firm but the terms of his contract were not made clear until he was given the full letter of appointment on his first day at work.

?I have never worked for a company who dock your next month’s pay if you miss your sales target!? said Mr Clayton. But he had been without work for 6 months and had gone through 3 interviews to get this job so he wasn?t willing to quit now.

After 6 months he had reached his target 3 times and had lost a percentage of his following month’s wage 3 times. This continued to happen over the following 18 months. Mr Clayton was struggling financially but his boss would not discuss the unfair arrangements with him. The pressure of hitting his targets and struggling to earn money for his family became overwhelming. So angry at the unfairness he had a huge row with his boss and was fired.

The stress at work combined with financial pressures made Mr Clayton depressed; he sought legal help and received all monies owed to him and compensation for his depression.

If you have experienced disputes and stress at work and need legal help call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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