Miss Sheringham was delighted with her compensation for stress at work after legal help meant her harassment and unfair treatment claim was upheld thanks to Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Miss Sheringham worked as a chambermaid in a small hotel. The head housekeeper was ex-forces and a bully. He constantly made remarks about her uniform being untidy. The hotel could not provide her with the proper size of uniform; therefore all her uniforms were on the large side. He constantly made unjustifiable remarks about her physical appearance in the presence of others. She wasn?t the only one who experienced his bullying but being the youngest employee in his department he directed most of his abuse in her direction.

?I suffered the abuse and stress at work for over a year? said Miss Sheringham until enough was enough so I got legal help and made a claim for the treatment I received.?

Miss Sheringham took the hotel to court for failing to deal with the situation correctly. Her employer had listened to the facts and talked to several witnesses but then simply held a mock disciplinary with the head housekeeper and allowed him to keep his job.

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