Miss Zorzi’s increasing absences from work were the direct result from stress at work she needed legal help regarding her job in a London factory; her case was taken on by Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Miss Zorzi worked in the admin department and after 18 months without any notice she was deployed to work in the accounts department. She was promised training which she never received. After a few months she started to feel ill and take time off work for stress.

Her absence became prolonged and she was not sure when she would feel up to returning to work. Although there was no significant nervous breakdown it is arguable that there is still a claim for stress at work and she was entitled to ask for legal help in London so she called Michael Lewin Solicitors.

?The sudden change in work without training placed a huge amount of stress on me which was not obvious to my employer? said Miss Zorzi. ?I was told there was a case for a compensation claim as the stress related absence was a natural consequence of the pressure of changing roles without any support or training.?

If you have experienced disputes and stress at work and need legal help in London call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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