Mrs Jolliman needed legal advice for bullying ?I had never experienced stress at work like this before and had no choice but to get advice? said Mrs Jolliman who took professional help in the UK from Michael Lewin Solicitors.

Mrs Jolliman’s job as a paediatric nurse changed for the worse when the hospital employed a new ward manager. She took an instant dislike to Mrs Jolliman and made no secret of this fact. The situation was impossible for Miss Jolliman to deal with as her new boss was much older very experienced and a good friend of the hospital business manager.

?I was harassed at home by phone when I was off sick. I was threatened with my job because of how much sick leave I?d had in the past six months. The sick leave was due to having to wait three weeks for a hospital admission. I needed time off with a viral infection. My manager told lies to other members of staff about why I was off work.?

The stress at work Mrs Jolliman experienced was caused by persistent intimidating and humiliating behaviour a blatant abuse of authority; the legal help from Michael Lewin in the UK allowed her to take a legal stand.

The hospital reached an out of court settlement on behalf of Miss Jolliman. If you have experienced bullying and stress at work and need legal help in the UK call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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