Pets in the office reduce stress at work

Pets in the office reduce stress at work

There may be days at work when you think it would be a lot better your pet there and you may be right. According to research having your pet with you at work helps stress levels.

A study was conducted in a workplace in America by Randolph Barker and his team from Virginia Commonwealth University business school to add to the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

The team studied workers at Replacements Ltd who sell china stoneware and other dinner ware. They employ 550 people and they bring 20-30 dogs with them to the office each day.

They have allowed their workers to bring in man’s best friend for just over 15 years. In the call centre in the business the dogs lie on the workers feet and the company’s chief executive brings his miniature daschunds to the workplace.

The researchers split 76 employees into three groups people who took their dogs to work dog owners who left them at home and people without pets. Over a week their stress hormone levels were measured from a stress hormone called cortisol which was taken from saliva samples four times a day.

The study found that there were no major different in the cortisol levels in the participants but the samples that were taken at the end of the day showed that the average stress levels of the people who’s dog were in work with them fell by 11%. Participants who didn’t bring their dogs to work stress levels rose up by 70%.

They also discovered that the dog owners were a lot quieter than the other participants spoke who more with other colleagues.

Randolph Barker’s test findings were preliminary and he is now planning to test the stress levels of the dogs who visit the office.

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