Mrs Berfoot claimed for unfair treatment and stress at work following advice from her lawyers Michael Lewin.

Mrs Berfoot worked in a large retail store and after 2 years of hard work she had worked her way up to store manager. One of her male colleagues took exception to her promotion and started behaving rudely towards her often using foul language.

She reported it to her area manager who wasn?t really interested so she decided to speak to her colleague directly. His reaction was very aggressive and was luckily witnessed by another colleague. She filed a second report to her area manager and the man was suspended. Following a disciplinary he was sacked.

But then a shock come two days later when Mrs Berfoot received a call from H.R to say that her colleague would be coming back as the decision had been over turned as it was felt that the first decision was to harsh.

?I couldn?t cope with the stress at work after that? said Mrs Berfoot; his behavior was worse than ever and I didn?t dare report him as they wouldn?t have done anything after what happened so contacted employment lawyers for help.? Mrs Berfoot won compensation in court.

If you have been affected by stress at work and would like to speak to employment lawyers call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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