Miss Renner hadn?t realised that being a courier would cause stress at work until she contacted employment lawyers regarding compensation; Michael Lewin had dealt with similar cases before

Miss Renner was delighted with her change of job and was happy to say goodbye to the office environment. She liked driving and enjoyed her own company. What she hadn?t been prepared for was the lifting and handling of parcels and goods which were beyond her capability. She hadn?t been prepared for any heavy lifting. Her boss was well aware of her size as he had interviewed her surely he might have anticipated the problem then?
?When I tried to discuss the problem with my boss he just told me that I would not get any special treatment and I would just have to manage? said Miss Renner ?otherwise I would be out of a job. He said it was my problem not his.?

Miss Renner needed the job as her partner was out of work so she had to try and cope but the stress at work she suffered both emotionally and physically became unbearable so she decided to resign but first contacted employment lawyers to see if she could get any financial compensation.
It was her employer’s responsibility to explain the job role to her. She drafted a letter of resignation and took the company to court.

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