Mrs Oak sued her employer for stress at work when an impossible work load made her ill; lawyers recommended by a friend in London Michael Lewin came to the rescue.

Mrs Oak had long ago realised how important her job was as a medical secretary in a local private hospital. Her efficiency meant the doctor had more time to attend to his patients. Lack of attention to her work could mean patients faced long delays or even missed vital appointments.

Unfortunately there had been vacant positions in their department for a long time and Mrs Oak was concerned about her work load. The pile of patient notes requiring attention was spilling off of her desk and she had started making piles on the office floor.

Mrs Oak began working later and later after hours to try and keep on top of her work. Eventually the hours proved too much and she collapsed in the office suffering from exhaustion.

?The stress at work and long hours led to exhaustion I couldn?t keep up such a ridiculous pace for any longer? said Mrs Oak; she was urged to contact lawyers for help by her family in London who wanted her to be fairly treated.

Mrs Oak was given time off work for stress and awarded compensation for her work related ill health. If you have been affected by stress at work and would like to speak to employment lawyers regarding advice in London call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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