?I became afraid of the constant abuse and violent threats? said Mr Pereira who contacted Michael Lewin about stress at work and legal advice to make a claim for compensation.

Mr Pereira worked as a traffic warden in a busy city centre. The existing four-day shift system had been in place for many years. He walked on average ten miles a day so the three day break was much needed for rest recuperation and preparation for the following week.

?I had pretty much got used to being targeted by verbal abuse and violence? said Mr Pereira. ?But over the last few years the level of harassment and violence has increased to an alarming level.?

During a walk around one particular area notorious in the city for gangs of abusive teenagers Mr Pereira was beaten up by a gang who had watched him put a ticket on a friend’s car. Mr Pereira was in hospital for three weeks with his injuries. He was unable to return to his job due to fear following the attack and he couldn?t cope with the stress at work; he took legal advice from Michael Lewin Solicitors for compensation.

His family said that more needs to be done to protect traffic wardens from violent thugs. If you need advice on stress at work and legal advice on how to make a claim for compensation call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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