Mrs Downs was awarded compensation after her stress at work claim in the UK; she used Michael Lewin for legal advice about making a claim.

Michael Lewin were used after Mrs Downs found us on the internet to help her with herstress at work claim.

Mrs Downs worked as a secretary in a large company and had done for the past seven years. The main person in the company that she worked on behalf of was made redundant. His replacement would make suggestive comments any time they were in the room alone together. Our client tried to avoid him completely in work as she did not want to spend any time with her new boss.

A party was announced in work; our client’s husband had been unable to attend the retirement party and it was there that she had her first serious problems with the new boss. The boss had had far too many to drink he had started making suggestive comments but then he went on to try to physically abuse our client.

The following day in work our client made a complaint against her boss to one of the partners of the company. The boss was called into a meeting however from that point onwards the situation just got worse. Our client had no option but to resign because of her boss? behaviour and the company being unwilling to sort out the behaviour and the stress which our client suffered as a result of this behaviour.

I have been the victim of stress at work; I would like to find employment solicitors to give me legal advice on my case in the UK. We have been able to broker compensation pay out for our client because of the way in which she was treated. This will give her the finances to take the time she needs to find other work.

Mrs Downs is delighted to have won her employment claim. If Michael Lewin can help if you have been the victim of stress at work call 0844 499 9302 today to get legal advice from a specialist employment solicitorin the UK.

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