Mr.Abid is delighted after he wins his stress at work claim in London. He is glad he chose Michael Lewin as ?they were professional when dealing with my case.?

Mr.Abid had been employed in a bookmakers for some years. A branch nearby had shut and a manager from that branch made his life at work very difficult.

Mr Abid is Asian; he is proud of his heritage and many of the clients in the shop are Asian too. The new manager would sometimes be rude towards the Asian customer so Mr Abid used to try to serve when he saw that the customer was a minority customer.

After one particulary bad incident our client and the manager ended up exchanging blows. Mr Abid walked out and called his area manager straight away. His area manager gave him no support and he said that as he was the one who walked out he had no choice but to dismiss him. I am the victim of stress at work in London and I would like to make a claim.

Michael Lewin managed to bring a constructive dismissal claim on his behalf. The matter was eventually resolved by means of a substantial out of court settlement.

Mr. Abidfeels justice has been done. He is going to go on holiday with some of his compensation win before he tackles job-hunting. If like Mr. Abid you have been the victim of stress at work Michael Lewin can help; call our professional team of employment law specialists in London now on: 0844 499 9302.

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