MrsWindham is triumphant after her stress at work case is settled with the help of Michael Lewin employment solicitors in the UK.

Our client worked as a site manager. She had worked within the organisation for nearly 18 months when she started to experience problems.

The senior partner who had employed herretired. She was now working on thecurrent project with a new manager. He would query every decision that she made. For some clients this would be essential but in this case she had written authority to make some changes without consulting the client. He would not discuss rationally his reasons for making our client have to use him as a go-between when this had not been required by her previous manager.

Mrs Windhamfound that she began to feel sick before working every morning. She resigned before her health was affected.

I am the victim of stress at work and I would like to find solicitors to help me get compensation in the UK. I couldn’t recommend Michael Lewin highly enough. Through negotiation we secured a favorable settlement for our client. If like Mrs Windham you have been the victim of stress at work we can help; call our professional team of solicitors now in the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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