Mrs Knoble getscompensation when she was the victim of stress in the workplace after Michael Lewin fought to settle her claim.

Mrs Knoble had worked with her husband as bar managers for a tied public house. They were given accommodation above the pub.

Mrs Knoble’s husband passed away very suddenly. He had only been dead for a week when the area manager began to send her letters telling her that her results in the pub were too low. Every meeting with the area manager was extremely stressful for our client. Each time she met the area manager her targets were increased.

Mrs Knoble was astonished that such obvious stress in the workplace was used; she feels this pressure was applied to remove her from her position in the company.

I have been the victim of stress in the workplace; can I make a claim using employment solicitors? Michael Lewin never charges up-front-fees to make employment law claims. We take our fees from the other side you get 100% of the compensation that you are awarded.

The matter has been settled out of court. She has won compensation for her unfair treatment and we got her employer to agree a good reference for her. If you have been the victim of stress in the workplace and would like to make a compensation claim call our professional team at Michael Lewinon 0844 499 9302.

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