Miss Denmead contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors when unfair treatment and stress in the workplace prompted her to make a claim

Miss Denmead had worked full time as an insurance underwriting clerk for five years. The team in her office got on well and they often socialised outside of work.

One of her colleagues emigrated to New Zealand and her job was taken by a young girl. She came from a wealthy family and had a busy jet-setting social life.

A fortnight after she started her new colleague began ignoring Miss Denmead and cut her out of conversations. Her colleagues turned a blind eye as they enjoyed being part of the new girl’s exciting life and hoped to become more involved in her wild events outside of work.

?I overheard a conversation one day in which she made an unpleasant comment about my partner? said Miss Denmead who lived with her long term girlfriend. ?I realised that even now some people can still take offence to certain lifestyle choices.?

The young girl invited the team to a weekend on her boat and blatantly missed Miss Denmead from the invitations. She even said that Miss Denmead would not get on with her friends.

This behaviour went on for months and despite bringing it to her manager’s attention nothing was done. The stress in the workplace caused Miss Denmead to sink into a depression and she became withdrawn her partner urged her to seek legal advice so she contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors to make a claim.

If you have experienced stress in the workplace and think you could be entitled to make a claim call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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