Mrs Kalberer was awarded compensation after her stress in the workplace claim in the UK.

Michael Lewin were used after Mrs Kalberer found us on the internet to help her with herstress in the workplace claim.

Mrs Kalbererhad worked as a receptionist for the same company for several years. She was overjoyed to discover that she was pregnant. She wanted to wait to tell her employers that she was pregnant but her manager found out through a friend.

He did not tell her that he knew; her manager gave her a compulsory redundancy notice at work. Our client is distraught at being treated so badly. She feels she deserves compensation for her treatment.

I have been the victim of stress in the workplace; I would like to find employment solicitors to take on my case in the UK. We have been able to broker compensation pay out for our client because of the way in which she was treated. This will give her the finances to take the time she needs to find other work.

Mrs Kalberer is delighted to have won her employment claim. If Michael Lewin can help if you have been the victim of stress in the workplace call 0844 499 9302 today to speak to a specialist employment solicitorin the UK.

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