Mr Jeavons suffered stress in the workplace when he blew the whistle on his colleague at the garage where he was a cashier he was advised to call Michael Lewin to discuss a claim in the UK for compensation

When Mr Jeavons caught his colleague stealing from the garage where he worked he didn?t hesitate to report it to his manager. His colleague was taking money from the till and had friends who came into the shop when he was on shift and stole alcohol.

As expected after investigation his colleague was sacked immediately. Mr Jeavons had not been prepared for the repercussions that followed. His former colleague was not allowed in the garage but had a large circle of friends who began a vendetta against Mr Jeavons with regular visits to the garage.

?They didn?t steal anything or physically threaten me but the taunting and name calling happened so often that I dreaded going to work? said Mr Jeavons. His boss was unwilling to stand up against the gang unless absolutely necessary unless they actually physically harmed him.

Mr Jeavons started to keep a diary of the abuse but the stress in the workplace took its toll on him he started suffering from panic attacks and heart palpitations; he decided to take legal advice regarding a claim in the UK.

Both the police and Michael Lewin advised Mr Jeavons that they could help him with a case for harassment. If you have experienced stress in the workplace and think you could be entitled to make a claim in the UK call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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