Miss Foote contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors when she suffered intimidation and stress in the workplace; she made a claim for compensation

Miss Foote is a security guard at a university and is employed by a private facilities management contractor. Her day-to-day job includes checking the students? IDs making sure the building is well secured and doing some reception work. The wages are low and the hours long and there is no premium pay for unsocial hours.

Things got worse when a new manager arrived and started bullying her. He accused her of misusing the university phone whenever she answered calls from the public. Once when all her other colleagues were on their break he told her to go into a small closed space. Then he shouted at her accusing her of various things. She felt very scared and physically vulnerable.

Mrs Foote’s colleagues put out a petition against bullying staff which was signed and shown to the manager. His behaviour improved only slightly but by that time Miss Foote had become nervous and withdrawn and began suffering from severe headaches.

Mrs Foote endured prolonged stress in the workplace and her colleagues eventually convinced her to seek legal advice for compensation. If you have experienced stress in the workplace think you could be entitled to compensation call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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