?I called Michael Lewin Solicitors because the stress in the workplace made me ill? said Mr Newark whose claim for compensation was settled out of court.

Mr Newark was an experienced 999 operator and often inducted new recruits into the trials and tribulations of saving the lives of callers and putting the lives of police officers in danger.

?It’s a job where any mistake split-second lapse in judgment or wrong decision can lead to much bigger trouble? said Mr Newark. One evening Mr Newark and a new recruit were blamed for a 47-minute lapse before anyone went to an apartment where two police officers had been shot. The two employees were suspended. After a long and drawn out investigation it was ruled that the men deserved their jobs back.

But the deaths prompted complaints from police officers about putting their lives in the hands of primarily civilian 999 operators. Mr Newark decided to fight for higher pay and consideration for a special place where operators can go to decompress after a particularly stressful incident.

Unfortunately before either of these battles could be won Mr Newark suffered a heart attack. Although he recovered he was advised to take early retirement. ?The doctors said that the stress in the workplace caused my heart attack? said Mr Newark; a call to Michael Lewin Solicitors enabled him to make a claim for compensation.

If you have experienced stress in the workplace think you could be entitled to compensation call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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