Miss Winborn contacted Michael Lewin when stress in the workplace caused her health to deteriorate she made a compensation claim against the company

Miss Winborn worked for a toy manufacturer. She was a young girl of a quiet nature. Her boss was middle aged loud and hugely overweight and took any opportunity to humiliate someone to make herself feel important. Miss Winborn was an easy target.

?She constantly humiliated me verbally and in open emails. She increased my responsibilities which triggered longer hours without any help or compensation. She physically isolated me first by moving me in a cubicle away from the rest of my coworkers with no human contact at all. When I asked to be moved from that cubicle to an open desk I was sat behind a tall partition that separated me from the team.?

Miss Winborn complained to her boss’s supervisor. She told her to put up with it. She then spoke with the president of the division; he did nothing to help her either. She ended up filing a complaint with HR. They made her speak with the company’s lawyer who asked a few questions and that was the end of it. ?Then to make things even worse a manager assaulted me sexually. I complained to HR after which I was fired.?

The stress in the workplace caused Miss Winborn to suffer from insomnia profuse sweating and cringing at loud noises; her family were worried and urged her to seek compensation so she contacted Michael Lewin and made a claim.

If you have experienced stress in the workplace and think you could be entitled to a compensation claim call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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