Miss Newlin asked Michael Lewin for help when stress in the workplace and missing out on a promotion caused her to make a claim for compensation in London

Miss Newlin had worked as a retail assistant in a sportswear shop for 3 years when her boyfriend was made redundant from his job in a hardware store. There was a vacancy at the sportswear shop so she set up an interview for him and was delighted when he got the job.

Six months later they broke up. Her boyfriend had started a relationship with the shop manager. From then on her manager and her ex-boyfriend took 2 hour lunch breaks meaning Miss Newlin often didn?t get a break. They whispered behind her back and walked customers away from her when she was closing a sale. Then when her manager was promoted to regional manager her ex-boyfriend was given the shop manager’s job. Despite her pleas with head office nothing changed and her life became more intolerable.

Not only was she subjected to stress in the workplace with the constant taunting but she had been wrongly overlooked for promotion; she contacted Michael Lewin Solicitors to see if she had a case for a claim and was delighted with the compensation she received in London. If you have experienced stress in the workplace and think you could be entitled to compensation in London call Michael Lewin on: 0844 499 9302.

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