Mr Orsman is given compensation after using stress in the workplacelawyers Michael Lewin.

Mr Orsmanwas forced to resign after working for the same company for 10 years when he became so ill due to the huge workload which was placed on him constantly.

Our client had worked in an insurance company for many years. He had worked in a few departments and he was now working in the travel insurance department. Two members of staff had left temporarily; one was having a baby and the other staff member had been given sick leave due to the stress of the workload.

Our client still had the same number of claims to check as he had when there were 3 full-time staff and one part-time member. He could not possibly achieve 3 peoples work and he made repeated pleas for extra staff. His concerns were ignored by upper management and he was told if he wanted a promotion he had to make sacrifices.

Eventually the strain began to show and Mr Orsman was also signed off work due to stress. He has been unable to go back into work at the end of his signed off period and he has been forced to resign or be sacked.

I have had a similar case of being treated badly; can I make a claim using stress in the workplacelawyers?
Mr Orsmaninvolved Michael Lewin after being told about our services by his daughter. He has received compensation that he is delighted with. If you feel that you can claim compensation call Michael Lewin’s expert team ofstress in the workplace lawyers today on:0844 499 9302.

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